10 Headache and Migraine News Highlights from the past 3 Months (January 2018 edition)

What has everybody been reading here at Headache and Migraine News? In case you’ve missed them, here are the ten most popular posts from the past 3 months, most popular first. The three in bold text had the most “likes” on Facebook.

  1. The “Migraine Barometer” is back…: What if you could get an audible warning when you were likely to get a weather related headache? This marine grade barometer is for those serious about fighting barometric pressure related symptoms.
  2. CBD Oil for Migraine: Will this and other cannabis related treatments become mainstream in the long term?
  3. Yes, Fibromyalgia and Migraine are Strongly Linked – and it’s important to treat both conditions.
  4. So – Should I Exercise Less?: Well, no. But exercise can be done in different ways…
  5. Ocular Migraine Symptoms: There’s still a lot of confusion on this topic. Here are some steps to help clear things up.
  6. Lipoic Acid for Migraine: Treating diabetes and nerve pain – and now sometimes prescribed for migraine. Have you even heard of it?
  7. Pillows for Migraines?: What is the best pillow for fighting migraine? Well, it depends on who you ask.
  8. More on Migraine, Flying, and Current Research: Seriously, why do I get that headache when I fly?
  9. Headaches and Empty Sella Syndrome (Intrasellar Arachnoidocele): Could ESS explain your chronic headaches?
  10. More Clues about how CGRP Drugs will Prevent Migraine: A surprising result from a recent study of these new migraine drugs.
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