Butterbur for kids

Back in January I told you about the new research on the herb butterbur.  A regular dosage of butterbur reduced headache frequency by almost 50%.

Now, butterbur is being tried with children, and the results are encouraging.  In this month’s issue of Headache: The Journal of Head and Face Pain, German researchers did a study with children (ages 6 and older) and adolescents.  Now the researchers admit that the results of the study may be influenced by the fact that the children knew what they were taking.  However, they were encouraged by two factors.  First, the butterbur was tolerated well, and second the study results were similar to the studies that have been done with adults (which were controlled). 


About 77% of the children in the trial had at least a 50% drop in migraine attacks.

As you probably know, when you buy any herbal formula at the store the ingredients can vary drasticly, and so can the results.  So the research team used Petadolex, which is a reliable standardized and safe form of butterbur.  The dosages were between 50-150mg per day.  Click on the Petadolex link for more on this butterbur extract.

So far, it seems that similar dosages are effective in children, teenagers and adults.  Check here for more herbs for headache.

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