Canada: Botox Approved for Chronic Migraine

In a step forward for Botox in Canada, Health Canada approved Botox (onabotulinumtoxinA) for treatment of chronic migraine.

It was a step back for the makers of Botox in the country (Allergan Canada) back in 2009 when Health Canada began warning patients that Botox could spread to other parts of the body in some cases ("distant toxin spread").  However, for many patients the benefits still outweigh the risks.

Although it hasn’t been the magic bullet for chronic migraine sufferers, it has provided significant relief for many.  But that relief comes at a cost – no, quite literally – the treatment tends to be very expensive.

It is hoped that, as the official agencies in various countries recognize the benefits of Botox, that insurance companies will as well.  If Botox can significantly cut down on migraine attacks and symptoms, it’s in the best interest of insurance companies to cover the treatment.

Again, this approval is for those with chronic migraine, not those who have an attack once a month.  The treatment involves injecting small amounts of Botox beneath the skin, usually around the forehead and temples, and sometimes other locations such as the neck.  Learn more about Botox injections here.

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