Cefaly: Now Available in the USA (for less)

Last year we introduced you to the Cefaly anti-migraine device, a convenient non-drug migraine treatment device.

Cefaly Site USA

Now Cefaly has a direct US website, with a currently less expensive option than amazon.  This is after the FDA approval of the device earlier this month.

In order to purchase from the new website, you will need to email a copy of your prescription.  At this point, it’s unlikely that your insurance will cover the cost of the device.

However, the savings to US customers at the new site will no doubt allow many more to try the device.

Visit the new site at Migraine Prevention Cefaly

via:  The Daily Headache

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  • Kristen Mar 25, 2014

    I couldn’t find anywhere on the website where it says the actual price of the device. How much is it going to be? I’m not sure I want to go through the trouble of getting a prescription if I can’t see beforehand if it’s something that I will even be able to afford. Can someone help me out with this information?

  • Janet Mar 29, 2014

    Looks like $295 but out of stock. Costco in Canada sells it but is also out of stock ($249Cdn). Glad I got one when I did. No prescription required in Canada.

    • Brenda Jun 5, 2014

      How did you get one and where? I have a prescription and I am willing to travel to Canada to get one. I have migraines everyday and no meds work, I have a rare form of migraines that I have had for years. I willing to try anything.

  • Landa Wagar Jun 10, 2014

    I, too, would like info about buying a device in Canada. Anyone know if there are any restrictions about bringing them into the country. I don’t have a prescription and am worried they might confiscate it.

  • Janet Jun 10, 2014

    Got it in 2013 on http://www.costco.ca.

  • Janet Jun 10, 2014

    However I just checked and don’t see it there anymore

  • Janet Jun 10, 2014

    It’s $349 on http://www.cefaly.ca but they won’t take orders from U.S.

  • Brenda Jun 11, 2014

    By searching how to buy one I found I could buy one through Belgium and it should be here next week. Canada will no longer sell them to the USA, from what I found. Total cost with shipping 359.00

  • Janet Jun 11, 2014

    The U.S. website doesn’t say out of stock , I just looked, and the priace is $299. Sets of extra electrodes are extra. Regarding those electrodes they tell you to use them only 10 times or so but I find they last waaaaay longer than that, and the main issue is the adhesive wears off.

  • Brenda Jun 11, 2014

    299.00 plus 25.00 for the electrodes and 35.00 for shipping=359.00 I didn’t say they were out of stock. If you want one, order it or do you already have one?

  • Marie Aug 12, 2014

    Could some one just tell me where to purchase a Cefaly? I go to the US website and it shows there is an internal server error and nothing. I am not very computer literate and would appreciate some help. I would very much like to try this device as the migraines keep getting worse and I fear the Relpax but do use it from time to time, (a three and four day migraine sort of shuts down one’s life). Thanks for any reliable input.

  • Janet Aug 20, 2014

    http://www.cefaly.us/en/ has them for U.S. customers with a prescription for about $330. http://www.amazon.ca has them but will not ship to the U.S. due to the prescription requirement.

  • george Mar 24, 2015

    Can I sell a used Cefaly?

    • Joy Parrish Nov 2, 2015

      @George – why are you selling it, and how much are you asking?

    • Genia Jun 29, 2017

      How much do you want for your Cefaly?

  • Sara Nov 4, 2015

    Could someone tell us if it’s worth it does it really prevent migraine attacks??

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