Fainting and Migraine

Fainting and Migraine

Fainting (syncope) could be a symptom of some types of migraine (such as Migraine with Brainstem Aura).  However, migraine patients in general seem to be more prone to fainting, lightheadedness, and vertigo.

8 Tips for Migraine Patients:

  1. Feeling lightheaded?  Lie down for a few minutes.
  2. See a doctor – tell them about your migraine condition and any medications you take.
  3. Stay hydrated!
  4. Get sufficient sleep.
  5. Keep track of significant episodes of lightheadedness and fainting.
  6. Eat regularly.
  7. Get a specific migraine diagnosis (not “just migraine”).
  8. Be cautious of alcohol consumption.

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  • If ur not diabitic patient … try two or three spoonful of sugar during the migrain attack … u will find it very helpful … I tried it myself … even without analgesics … and i’ll wait ur graceful:)

  • Samantha Campbell Nov 18, 2013

    Very interesting, I passed out last year and no one asked if I had migraines. Which I do

  • Gail Munro Ross Nov 18, 2013

    I faint regularly during an episode.

  • Janell Eckhardt Nov 18, 2013

    I saw not one word about WHY we faint, just typical, right out of a first aid book, jargon about what to do if you feel faint. It could apply to when you felt faint from seeing blood to being frightened by your own shadow or by a migraine. This article said nothing but that some migraineurs faint. Well some accountants faint. Tell me why!

  • Debra Weakley Nov 18, 2013

    Sleeping and eating? What is that???

  • Inez Mcqueen Nov 18, 2013

    Please don’t start fainting

  • Heidi M Breuer Nov 18, 2013

    my daughter faints when she has a bad migraine they even thought she had a stroke once –but tg it was just a migraine

  • Lauren Puglisi Nov 18, 2013

    I’ve fainted more than once. Then, I learned to go to bed when I get a bad migraine. Haven’t fainted since.

  • Exactly! I have migraines & I faint! The 2 are not related! It took years & many doctors but finally a few years ago a cardiologist diagnosed me with Vaso Vagal syncope for my fainting & it all makes sense

  • This is me! I know when I’m close to fainting, though, so I’m able to get to the ground before I actually fall. I’m most likely to faint before I’m aware of any other migraine symptoms but, unfortunately, I’m usually too fuzzy-headed afterwards to remember to get any medications!

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