Houston Migraine Specialist – Who do you recommend?

In July we were looking for a headache/migraine doctor in the Chicago area.  Stay tuned for the results!

Houston, Texas

Meanwhile, it’s time to ask for your recommendations again.  We’re still in the USA (that seems to be where most requests are coming from, but we’ll get out of the country eventually!), this time down south in Houston, Texas.

Houston is the fourth largest city in the USA, and the largest city in Texas, with over 2 million people.

If the statistics hold true, that means there could be over a quarter million people in the city who get migraine attacks, with maybe 6000 migraine attacks happening every day!  We’re probably looking at almost 20,000 people with chronic migraine.  So surely someone has some suggestions, so we can fight this epidemic!

If you have a suggestion, contact me now on Twitter, Facebook, Email, or leave a comment at this post on the blog.

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  • Dr. Pam Blake or Dr. Brian Loftus

  • Dr. Chapman in Houston…using the Transforma Procedure that is a combined occipital and supraorbital neurostimulation

  • Alistair Taylor Sep 26, 2012

    migraine is really a serious problem now a days. Immediately we need to consult a good doctor for treatment.

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