Is this why we’re not getting better treatment?

Treatment Challenges Worldwide

Headache: Worldwide Challenges to Good Treatment

Are these the reasons why we’re not getting better treatment?  Neurologists worldwide think so…

  1. Lack of professional education
  2. Lack of headache-specific health care resources
  3. Challenges of treating patients (ie comorbid conditions)
  4. Medications not available
  5. Lack of public awareness

By far, most people are self-treated.  And so?  The education and awareness must start with US!

June is Migraine Awareness Month.  This is just a reminder from the World Health Organization of some of the challenges we face.  And there is a lot we can do to face those challenges!  Raise awareness among our networks, educate ourselves and make sure our own doctors are up to date, and raise awareness among governments and other organizations.

One note: #3 in the list seems to cover a range of issues – issues that are not necessarily the “fault” of the patient.  For example, treating comorbid conditions – diseases and conditions that tend to go along with migraine, for example.  At the very least, from a patient standpoint, it does highlight again the need to communicate well with our doctors and keep track of symptoms and medical history.

Incidentally, the top two changes recommended by neurologists were professional education and raising awareness.  Awareness really is the seed that can grow to solve many headache treatment challenges worldwide.

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