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  1. Jonathan Wagar
    16 January 2010

    I find this to be very interesting. I have been curious about many of the more isoteric symptons that come with migraines. I am a man with a very strong belief in the meta physics and paranormal stuff. I have been interested in this sort of thing for just a little longer than I have had migraines (I have had a constant migraine for nearly 15 years now). I have had many OBE experiences and many other the other things that were mentioned above. My curiosity had always been that the migraines were more caused by the OBE’s and what not. Not the other way around. That I am not in any way an isolated case is fascinating to me. It never ceases to amaze me that the more we study the body, particularly the brain, the more we find questions that many of us do not really want to except the answers.

  2. Severt Nielsen
    1 February 2010

    My wife has suffered with aura migraines for 25 years. In the early years she would have several aura episodes a year, then went for many years with just 3 or 4 episodes a year. Now, she is have these aura experiences just about every week with the headaches to follow of course. Here in the last couple of years she has been experiencing what she describes as a “disconnected” feeling at times and sometimes she says it feels like a rubber band has just been popped in her head. Of course these episodes are very frightening for her. I’d be very grateful to anyone who could point me in right direction to get my wife some relief.

    • jay l.
      3 January 2011

      I hope this makes sense. I have had the feeling of flying out of my body during some migraines. I found that holding my husband’s hand or arm made me feel more grounded. Holding certain stones also seemed to ease the feeling that I am being pulled out of my body.

  3. unreported_experience
    5 February 2010

    I began taking medication for migraines at age four. They diagnosed me with migraines without aura, but I realized much later in life I just thought aura symptoms were normal, and at that point didn’t want to mention them as they would just disturb my parents and not me. I remember often feeling as if I was about 3 inches above and to the left of my body, except for my head which seemed attached. I would also frequently cling to covers of my bed to avoid falling off, as there was no amount of reason that could convince my mind it wasn’t turned sideways; alternatively I would black out and then see pretty yellow lights floating round and get this incredible fuzzy feeling that I dearly miss to this day since my migraines went away in adulthood. I thought I could feel the world turning lol; I can easily see in more life threatening circumstances with adrenaline and other things playing part people believing they’re on the way to heaven/ hell and leaving their body behind

  4. tania o connor
    18 September 2010

    Thank god i’m not the only person experiencing this strange feeling, after every migraine attack i have there is a period of time where its as though there are two of me in the same body or maybe a better way to explain it is that my soul hasn’t re-attached to my body properly?!? when i move a part of my body it’s like another part of me is trying to catch up with that movement in slow motion, like a double exposure. Its the strangest feeling. I would love an explanation for this.

    • jay l.
      3 January 2011

      I can’t explain why, but I experience the same thing. I have to move very gingerly because some of my energy flaps around like long hair. I find it comforting to sit on the ground or walk barefoot outside.

  5. Amy S
    1 January 2011

    I was diagnosed with migraines when I was about eight years old after seizures were ruled out. I can remember lying in bed, and having the feeling of being on a merry-go-round above my bed. It was a fantastic sensation of peace and calm; it alerted me that I was about to fall asleep. I can’t in all honestly, say if a migraine ever followed or preceded.

    It wasn’t until I was in my twenties that I even heard of an OBE, let alone associated the two. I’d always assumed that it was a normal experience that no one ever talked about.

  6. joseph
    20 March 2011

    telling this kind of experience even to the most understanding doctor can be very sobering. I have migraines in which I begin to be aware of various different realities. They are very real and happen simultaneously. But when I try to follow them, I realize that it is not a concrete reality. I try hard to hang onto what I know is a reality, but sometimes the other streams of reality invade and you don’t realize it. And then after 4 hours or so it is over. Very alarming and frightening. I have just gone through extensive tests including 4 MRIs which showed that everything is totally normal. A very healthy guy with strange migraines. I have recently started using an NTI device and I think it is helping a lot. So interested in others experiences.

  7. viv
    20 October 2011

    I myself experience such things along with my frequent (& severe) migraines.
    Oftentimes the people around me will ask “what are you looking at? are you okay?” and I have the strange sensation that I’m not inside my body at all, but in a sort of tunnel in front of myself.
    I also have NOT told people about this, because I was worried of their reaction. I tell those who ask me if I’m ‘ok’ that I’m *zoned out*.

    Maybe it’s a pain response? Or perhaps the pain is a response to this occurance?

  8. Heather
    2 December 2011

    Wow. Years ago I asked my doctor if one migraine symptom was feeling like there was a dream world going on right next to me, or behind a closed door. It’s happened a few times in the intervening years, as if another reality is operating very close by.

    In recent years, persistent deja vu is one of my signals that a migraine is imminent in the next couple of days. I will feel constant deja vu for several minutes.

  9. Joseph McClain
    2 December 2011

    and I have to say wow, too, Heather. I know exactly what you are talking about. It came to a crisis situation for me last year on Christmas day and continued for months after that. For that reason I am working hard on myself not to dread this season. But is was scary.I am working on a book in which that period is a major piece. If you want I will send it to you. Let me know. My email: [email protected]. EVERYONE LET’S KEEP COMMUNICATING…AT LEAST FOR ME THIS IS IMPORTANT.

  10. Rich
    29 July 2013

    I’m not sure if anyone is still responding to this thread, but I was diagnosed with silent migraine by my neurologist. I have very strong auras without the pain. That said, I still get intense migraine induced vertigo, violent, split-second OBEs, and auditory hallucinations. Turns out ALL of these symptoms occur over the top of my temporal lobes. Because OBEs are also associated with this area of the brain, this should not be considered an uncommon occurence if other symptoms in the same neurological region exist. My neurologist explained it this way: normal migraines proceed from the back of the brain (visual cortex) and cause visual disturbances – then travel over the brain causing crushing pain – then finally to the frontal lobe causing problems with thinking and processing – followed by fatigue. In my case, instead of advancing over the top of my brain, the disturbance is wrapping around the sides – causing the balance, hallucination, OBE issues. Hope that helps!

  11. Joseph McClain
    31 July 2013

    Thanks, Rich, for your post. This is all really helpful. Let’s do keep this thread going because even some other migrainuers look at me like I have lost mind when I talk about these kind of events. QUESTION FOR ANYONE and EVERYONE; Has any kind of medicine or anything else been helpful for you? How do you treat one of these migraines while it is happening? Thanks.

  12. Rich
    31 July 2013

    It may be helpful to refer any of your friends who may think you are crazy to this wikipedia article on the temporoparietal junction: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Temporoparietal_junction

    It clearly indicates that the area is associated with OBEs and provides peer-reviewed research to support it. As far as medication, I have only been presecribed topamax, which by my understanding, is a normal migraine medication that only reduces the number of times the symptoms occur (but doesn’t eliminate them entirely). It’s too early to know if it’s having any effect yet. My dosage is low and pretty recent. I’ll repost if I have any significant changes. I’m also interested to hear if anyone is on something specific that seems to work.

  13. Claireliza
    27 September 2013

    I get into a trance like state when trying to sleep through a migraine. I am neither fully awake nor fully asleep. My body is on the bed but I am usually hovering above or to the side. I try to open my eyes but they are too heavy, I try to get back into my body but I cant.

  14. chris hinkins
    28 September 2013

    I’m now 60 and have suffered from migraines since age 13. Headaches last anything from an hour to several days. Over the years the prelinimanary symptoms have gradually changed. I used to get the classic ‘jagged-edged hole in the vision’. Few years ago had wierd episode where nothing seemed real and words I was reading made no sense. Migraine headache followed within an hour or so. Just been away on quite stressful trip, and had several episodes when felt swimmy, and as if watching myself from a distance. Migraine headache has come on this morning, so am assuming they are linked. My mother used to say when she was working as a typist, she was inclined to type words backwards before a headache

  15. Neeruam
    26 November 2013

    In my early 20′s I started having these strange waves of sensations where my body would heat up, I’d start to get light headed, and feel sort of raised over or out of my body, while feeling a horrible wave of anxiety. These episodes became more and more frequent and eventually progressed to full migraine. During an episode of migraine these waves or outer body sensations come and go for up to 36hrs. They last a few minutes at a time, and even wake me up while I’m sleeping. During an episode I am aware of my surroundings and what is going on but am unable to communicate properly. Words get mixed up, or I feel like I know what I want to say but it just won’t come out of my mouth. I am now 30 and suffer from migraine roughly every month. It has severely affected my memory, particularly my short term memory. For a few days before a migraine I have a lot of dejavu, and my mind fells slower and Im less capable of multi tasking and concentrating. I have tried a few different medications, but none have really helped. One seemed to help ease the horrible feeling of fear or anxiety, but had no effect on the rest of the migraine symptoms.
    I have seen a couple of different Doctors and Consultants. A lot of whom seem to be in disbelief of my symptoms. I guy told me there was nothing that could be done to help. The most recent consultant I am seeing has told me that in no doubt I am suffering from migraine but my symptoms / aura or wave I experience and the way it comes and goes is not typical.
    Good to hear I am not alone. If any is doing research in the area I would be more than willing to help. It is very debilitating and effects all aspects of my life. Pain I can live with but the effect on my memory and function is horrible and makes life very difficult.

  16. janice
    29 December 2013

    I have suffered with migraines since i was a teen.In my mdd 40s now. Over the years they have changed and are never predictable or caused by food triggers. If sometimes left untreated I can get a terrible feeling of being in a another time in place, usually back to the 1970s and it is so hard to explain,its like i know where i am but iam also in the past, I hate this feeling. However it is good to finely know i am not alone.

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