Migraine Barometer – Back for a limited time!

Breaking News:  So here’s the deal.  I know a lot of you have been waiting for the Migraine Barometer to come back.  There have been problems with the manufacturer keeping up with the orders.

The Migraine Barometer

So, here’s what has happened.  There are a limited number of units now available (about a hundred, though that’s probably out of date by the time you read this!).  So what I’ve done is put up the order page for those of you who are interested.  I will keep it up until we’re out of barometers again.

We’re hoping for a large shipment soon – more like 600.  But I don’t know when that will be!  So once I get word that those are in, hopefully we can keep the order page up again for a while!  Let’s make sure they get the message that we want these barometers to stay available.  🙂

For more about the connection between weather and migraine, check here.  For more about the Migraine Barometer, check here.

Or, go directly to the Migraine Barometer order page!

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  • Natalie Kramer Jun 19, 2010

    Here is the “deal”? What’s the deal? My head is far better than any barometer! My colleagues ask me for rain forcasts, and mine are far more accurate than channel 7. The point is not to have gadgets that tell us will will get a migraine; the point is to have effective treatments, which we don’t have, in particular for weather-related migraines. These gadgets only divert the focus from the real issue.

  • James Jun 19, 2010

    “The deal” is just an expression meaning “here’s what’s going on”. 🙂

    Your head may be better than any barometer, but I have a feeling you haven’t tried this one. It’s far more accurate than most any other barometer you’ll try.

    The Migraine Barometer is not a “cure-all” for everyone – in fact, it doesn’t “cure” anything, as you point out.

    However, it has helped some people. Why? Because it allows them to track more accurately exactly how their attacks are related to the weather. It allows them in many cases to then stop the attack before it starts.

    The Migraine Barometer isn’t for everyone. However, it has been a help to many people. I don’t think it has diverted them from the real issue – instead it has given them another tool with which to fight migraine.

    For more, check the links above. For one person’s thoughts, read here: http://headacheandmigrainenews.com/using-a-barometer-for-migraine/

  • Natalie Kramer Jun 19, 2010

    Hey, the correlation between migraines and weather have been known and documented for millenia! If someone needs to “track” how his or her attacks relate to weather, then weather is probably not a significant contributing factor to this person’s migraines. Casual observation can track the correlation; no need for fancy gadgets. On the other hand, if there is no harm in using it (other than for the wallet), go for it! If, as you say, “it doesn’t cure anything at all,” then it’s just another distraction, a peripheral piece of busy work, which underscores the fact that there are no effective treatments for weather-related migraines at this time. I am trying neurofeedback right now. Have not seen results yet, but I have just started.

    • James Jun 21, 2010

      Hi Natalie,

      Of course you’re entitled to your opinion, so no problem. But there are a couple of things I would like to note:
      1) Research has shown that people react to weather differently, and not always the same way every time. Your migraine-weather connection may be very easy to predict and track, but everyone is different. Some people have learnt a lot about their attacks using this barometer.
      2) If it doesn’t sure anything it’s just another distraction? Well then, we’ve got a lot of distractions around here. There is no known cure for migraine. On the other hand, there’s a lot you can do to fight it! Lots you can do to stop individual attacks, and cut down on the frequency and severity of the attacks you get. We’re sharing information here that will help us all be healthier. Some people have been able to successfully treat weather related migraine.

      Speaking of treatments, I hope yours is successful! All the best.

  • Pam Aug 18, 2011

    I for one would like the barometer so that I can begin migraine treatment at the first possible indication. Most of my migraines will begin as a simple headache, and then plummet out of control. But not all of my headaches turn into migraines. My meds cost a LOT of money, and I can’t take one for every headache that I’m nailed with. I think this will help me predict when headaches are going to turn migraine, and when they are going to require medication.

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