Migraine fraud – one less

Do you remember the migraine scam we talked about back in January?  Well, it looks like the owner of the site, Arthur Vanmoor, has been indicted by a Fort Lauderdale grand jury for selling fake cures for migraine and cancer.  He’s been charged with conspiracy to commit mail fraud, wire fraud and Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act violations.  "Migraine Miracle" and the other products he tried to rip people off with are no longer allowed to be sold or promoted.  It’s about time.

The scary thing is that this site was particularly easy to spot, and yet still people were sending in their money.  It’s not that people are stupid – we can all be scammed, and there are much trickier sites out there ready to take your money.  If someone tells you they have a cure for migraine, you’d better do your research.  There are some great treatments – many people have been treated and are now migraine-free.  But an overall cure for migraine?  We’re still waiting for that one.

Read more about this case of fraud.

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  • ErinM Mar 29, 2006

    I have to add that finding the right preventative is not always an easy process. After over a year of searching for the one for me, and suffering a slew of horrible side effects, I’ve finally found one that works.

    But, once you’ve found one to relieve the pain, it is SO worth it!

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