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  1. Diana Lee
    19 January 2009

    I personally swear by Zomig Nasal Spray and Imitrex Stat Dose. They are lifesavers for me. I’d never go back to having to swallow my triptans.

    • laura mullery
      2 March 2011

      are there any side effects that you know of with the nasal spray?

  2. Geoff Lapp
    29 March 2009

    Can you can control the dosage when you take the nasal spray..or it one squirt fits all.


  3. James
    10 April 2009

    Yes, much better than swallowing something, I agree!

    Generally nasal sprays are given in the proper dose. Your doctor will prescribe it, but usually you will take one dose and may be able to take another after a time if the first one isn’t effective.

    Here’s a little info about Migranal and Zomig.

  4. joyjohn
    11 May 2009

    I tried generic Imitrex nasal spray and felt relieved. You can get info at International Drug Mart

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