Status Migrainosus – when the attack doesn’t stop (graphic)

Status Migrainosus

A person with migraine without aura
has a severe debilitating migraine attack
which lasts longer than 3 days.
Even after temporary relief from medication,
the symptoms remain.

Misdiagnosis is frequent. You may have…

Always see a doctor if symptoms change
or are worse than ever.

Your doctor may recommend:

A few more resources:

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  • Darby Lahger Sep 16, 2013

    In this they keep saying “migraine without aura” what do they mean by this? How does the aura make a difference here?

    I wonder because I have chronic painful aura migraines.

  • Catherine Thirlwell Sep 17, 2013

    That awful writing is enough to give anyone migraine!

  • Julie Hindle-Cushen Sep 18, 2013

    Not sure Darby. I know some believe a migraine is only a real migraine if it comes with an aura, which is not the case. You can also have very dibilitating migraines that last several days without an aura.

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