Do you experience vertigo or dizziness during a migraine attack?

Answering our recent poll, the overwhelming majority said that at some time they had experiences vertigo or dizziness during a migraine attack.  Here’s what the results looked like:

Vertigo or Dizziness during a Migraine Attack?

The 34% that said it’s a usual symptom of their attacks fits well with the statistic we usually see – that 25-35% of migraineurs experience vertigo.  Dizziness or vertigo is more common in migraine with brainstem aura, and headaches from altitude or MSG.

Vertigo is also a common symptom when there has been a head injury.

However, it does often show up in other types of migraine.  If you’re experiencing vertigo or dizziness, there are a number of things that can cause it.  Be sure to see a doctor and include this in your list of symptoms.

Be sure to take part in our next poll, found at Headache and Migraine News on the right sidebar.  “Once you started experiencing headache symptoms, how long was it before you got a correct diagnosis?”

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  • Dr Matt Mar 14, 2014

    This fits with our experience too. Given the location of the balance centers in the brain stem and the proven link between migraine and balance dysfunction, an association with vertigo is to be expected.

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