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  1. Jimmie Anne Browning
    20 April 2009

    Hi, I just found this website, looking for new news on chiari 1. I was diagnosed a year or 2 ago with an eight milimeter. I was having a lot of pain all over, especially in my neck shoulder and arms, my doctor sent me to a reumatologist and she sent me to a neurologist. I had never heard of Chiari as most people and all he said was, if I started having balance problems, they would have to decompress my brain and for me to go to pain management. I started doing research and could not believe how many symptoms I had and had for a very long time, always nauseated, thought I was sick alot. I don’t think I have irritable bowel syndrome, it is more chronic constipation, have taken laxatives everyday for years and years, if i don’t go I have unbelieveable attacks of pain, I think it is related to the vagus nerve, because I have bladder, heart palatations and breathing problems. I am currently 59 years old, I can’t take pain pills, any of them make me very very sick, I take alot of otc and once in a while I can take a celebrex. For some reason, my hot tub helps me a great deal. It is not always easy, but I have to walk on the treadmill, I think it helps me a great deal. Recently the back of my neck has become numb after a spell of bad pain with my neck, but I keep on trucking and play fiddle and paint and take small trips on the motorcycle with my husband, I hope I can make it through the rest of my life without surgery. Jimmie

  2. JoAnn
    7 July 2011

    The article on migraines and irritable bowel syndrome mentions magnesium as a treatment for migraine, “magnesium and antioxidant superfoods include beans and spinach”.
    Certain beans are high in tryramine, and consequently, are migraine triggers.
    Spinach is high in uric acid, and should be consumed cautiously by those predisposed to gout.
    Lastly, have you researched the link between migraines and spinal stenosis?

  3. Lena Welch
    25 January 2013

    I have been very suspicious the mito theory is right in my case. The things that work at preventing migraine are the supplements B2, magnesium, and CoQ10. When my sinuses are not bothering me this combo drops my migraines by over 50%.

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